Our History

Our History

Year 1991 – 1996

1991 – GLM was established.

          –  First company to introduce low loss energy conservation (LLEC) magnetic ballasts to Hong Kong from Australia

          –  First company to introduce digital dimming (DSI) technology to Hong Kong versus analog technology from Austria

1993 – Marketed fully automatic intelligent “testing and monitoring system” for emergency lighting & exit signs

1996 – Introduced the world’s first ASIC-based electronic ballasts

Year 2001 – 2007

2001 – Promoted COB (Chip-On-Board) LED technology for better heat dissipation and efficacy

2002 – Pioneered DALI Controls for offices and multi-purpose applications for gamehalls

2004 – Integrated scalable lighting control into existing IT networks

2007 – Launched LED illumination for general lighting applications

Year 2010 – 2015

2010 – Provided complete lighting systems including LEDs for major infrastructure projects

2014 – Provided optimal design solutions for tunnel lighting applications

2015 – Reinforced in-house pole & mast expertise with lighting solutions as a whole package

          – Launched LED road lighting applications

Year 2016 – 2019

2016 – First company to introduce and complete smart “wireless LED road lighting control system” in Hong Kong plus testing and                                 commission for Highway Department trial project

2017 – First company to deploy full LED sports lighting system (>1500W LED per floodlight) with wireless control in Hong Kong that                               complies with FIFA standards

          – Launched our own designed LED lightbox solutions for MTRC projects

2018 – Implemented smart column solutions with aesthetic design and smart devices for Avenue of Stars in Tsimshatsui

2019 – Completed lighting transition from HID to LED for all apron lighting in Hong Kong International Airport