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LED Floodlight for Airport

Footbridge Lighting

High Mast System at Hong Kong International Airport

Tunnel Lighting for Central-Wan Chai Bypass

High Mast System at TKO Football Training Centre


GLM was founded in Year 1991 with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for lighting.

The essence GLM reflects the company’s core business of cultivation energy saving and value-added lighting products, solutions and services. GL also happens to be the initials of the founder.

The lighting industry has gone through revolutionary changes in the past few decades. To name just a few, we have seen changes from conventional fluorescent & HID to LED light sources, from analogue to digital dimming, from individual fixtures to full connectivity with intelligent controls.

Amidst these changes, GLM has embraced the evolving technology and scenarios by providing smart lighting solutions as well as associated devices suitable for smart city applications.

At the turn of 30 years of operation, GLM look forward to a 5G & Internet of Things (IOT) world where GLM will continue as the leading smart lighting solutions provider.




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